Ben van D

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Ben primarily works in a digital format, typically working from an initial pen and ink drawing or from photographs, but he still enjoys trying new mediums and modes of expression. His work often features grotesque figures and at a young age, found himself being drawn to artists like Titian, Rubens and Goya, whom he had discovered on his father’s bookshelf. He had taken a cartoonist course as a kid, and quickly realized that this polished medium was not for him. The style Ben has developed is coarse and often vulgar, and he aspires to produce work with as heavy of an impact as the artists he admired. He lists his top inspirations these days as being Jack Kirby, Francisco Goya, Andrew Alain and Dan Clouse.

Read more and see more of Ben Van D's artwork on his portfolio page.

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Ben is also open to commission works. Email for inquiries.