It began with selling my illustrations on t-shirts. That was the goal anyhow. A passion for process and a history with art was driving my exploration of this idea when I started noticing the art of those around me, hidden gems in this city of ours. Perhaps I could sell more than just my art? So what once was one artist became two, which became four, which became ten, which became even more. And what started as using just t-shirts to show off our art became a sea of opportunities to create and make, conduits for the spreading of our art.

As the ideas and the project grew, it finally hit me: I could not afford to lease a storefront, nor a gallery space to show our work. And so the Pop Up Shop was born. In the early days of the project, friends, family and supporters rallied around the dream and raised the funds necessary to jump start the shop. What started with a couple t-shirts on the sidewalk soon became a fully equipped merchant table, complete with Ottawa art inventory, that has since then been set up at a multitude of local events, festivals and markets. Soon after the Pop Up Shop emerged, Studio La Mouche exhibitions were taking place in restaurants and cafés around town, showcasing original and limited 
edition pieces, and finally, an online storefront was opened.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    One of the key motives behind Studio La Mouche is that we want to bring the art to everyone, to make it more accessible. We achieve this by bringing it to your fingertips online, or to the coffeeshop you visit everyday, or to the event you happen to be attending. With the reproductions and things like the stickers and t-shirts, we have not only made our art more financially accessible, but we are letting people choose how they enjoy the art that they like, letting people customize their everyday with art and expression. 
I want Studio La Mouche to continue to grow as a collective, but I also want Studio La Mouche to help the artists grow and develop, to give them unique opportunities and to encourage their creativity. Admittedly we’re a big advocate of the arts in any form, and we hope we can bring a little inspiration to anyone who is up for it :)

Lucie B

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