Keturah Johnson

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Keturah Johnson grew up in the west end of Ottawa with two sisters. Her family a very artistic and musical one, she was encouraged from a young age to explore her creativity. She works primarily in pen and ink, painting watercolours and acrylics on occasion. She also dabbles in crafts and enjoys photography of the trinkets and treasures of her surroundings. Always involved in a multitude of artistic projects and always on the go, her drawing is often spontaneous, echoing the inspiration of the moment. Don’t be fooled though, Keturah’s hand is as quick and sharp as her spirit, and she fills the pages of her sketchbooks with deep thoughts, dark mysteries and images possessing an altogether bewitching allure.

Currently living in Ottawa, Keturah is frequently playing music with members of her family as well as with many friends. She has been an active member of the Ottawa music scene for many years now and is currently fronting the grunge-psychedelic rock group The Heavy Medicine Band.