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 Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Lola Gunn has spent 7 years living in Montréal and is now living in London, UK. A recent graduate from the Cordon Bleu London culinary program, she has previously studied in the domains of Marketing/Advertizing, Psychology and Art History.

Generally, Lola enjoys working with pencils, pens and markers, or acrylics.  One can often find a dash of surrealism blended into her simple style. In her webcomic, Lola illustrates well her propensity to find humor in everyday situations with a small collection of charming, colourful characters. While she sticks to black and white for her comic strips, Lola prefers using vivid colours and metallic paints when working on canvas. Having enjoyed drawing since childhood, her pastime has grown with her and now serves as a way to make quirky gifts for friends and family.

Lola’s hobbies and interests include photography, getting up early and going to food markets, throwing dinner parties, sending perfumed love letters in the mail and making to-do lists that will never get done.