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Lucie B is an Ottawa-based artist who has lived in and around the city most of her life, but has spent much time with family and friends in Montréal. Whether it be through embellishing school projects or customizing her surroundings, Lucie B has always ended up turning anything and everything around her into an expression. She does this through drawing, painting, sewing, crafting, or anything else she can get her hands on. She attributes much of her early artistic development to her parents, who always kept her supplied with new tools and opportunities to explore new techniques and mediums. The encouragement in any project undertaken also came from her grandmother and high school art teacher, who supplied her with heaps of materials and inspiration. In the years following high school, Lucie B spent time at the University of Ottawa completing undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of organic chemistry. In this time, she lived in Ottawa, very briefly in Montréal and also in the suburbs of Toyota, Japan. She taught English in the area and, using this locale as a home-base, was able to travel around the country.

Following her bout studying the sciences, an interest in silkscreening brought her back to her drawings and fabrications. Her works these days are primarily illustrations, collages and mixed-media paintings. The ideas often start out on paper, but her illustrations are typically drawn as vectors on her Cintiq tablet and she uses a myriad of software and tools to create the content for Studio La Mouche. It was her addiction to creative projects and admiration of artists in the community that brought her to found the Studio, where works by these artists, as well as her own, will be available for sale. With this venture, she wants to encourage the public to discover and support artists, and wants to spread art to an indefinite number of surfaces and objects. Major influences for her work include irony and cultural icons, and she enjoys playing with elements of light and glass. She likes dirty and grungy styles but is also drawn to the elegance of flowers and birds. Her parents have always made it easy for her to explore and admire the works of great artists such as Escher, Van Gogh and Doré, but in recent years, she deems David Bowie to be her greatest inspiration. Lucie B is currently living in Ottawa. She maintains a strong interest in chemistry and enjoys tutoring undergraduate students. She is also fascinated by astronomy, and likes thinking about and discussing the future, hypothetical scenarios, the development of human and animal species, and the existence of life. Some of her favourite activities include finding new music, growing plants, taiji, record shopping and organizing things.