Lyneth Morgan

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Lyneth can be followed on Facebook or on Instagram as @lynethjane.

 Artist's Statement

I was born and raised in Ottawa, and later travelled extensively throughout Canada’s west coast for many years. This provided me with a wide variety of triumphs and failures, amazing stories, and nightmares. I feel like this juxtaposition finds its way into my art as well; beauty woven together with imperfection and hard edges.

Creating portraits has always been my passion. Watching the work come to life is incredibly addicting. Art has always been an escape for me, and provides an outlet for my imagination. The use of a single stroke can be the difference between one emotion and another. I get inspiration from everywhere, finding raw beauty and interest in every face. 

I work mainly in acrylics because I enjoy working fast. Working in the moment is key for me. Combining different mediums is also something I really enjoy. I feel it adds a sense of the unexpected, creating drama and excellent contrast, resulting in more unique and interesting pieces. Subjects are chosen based on my mood, or something that has inspired me. I often use reference photos as a starting point, and alter them in order to achieve my vision. 

Much like my varied use of mediums, I am never finished exploring new ideas and subject matter. I am constantly evolving my style, always growing in my art.

Lyneth Morgan