Sean Lance

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Working under the name of Madiris Photography is Sean Lance. Born in Ottawa, he has lived here ever since. He studied human rights and political science at university with a minor in law. A break from his studies in 2009 and a long time passion for photography led Sean to buy a camera of his own. It was those early days of picture taking that inspired his work, when he first observed the effects of overexposure and movement. Fascinated by long exposure photography, he started taking pictures in his distinct style, explaining that he found the product of long exposure photography to resemble chaotic brush strokes on a canvas, and that in his pictures, he feels he has brought a sense of order to that chaos.

The technique of long exposure photography can also be known as light painting, and with it Sean creates images of vivid colour, stark contrast and elegant simplicity. He mainly plays with light using glass, but he has also been known to use materials such as plastics, metals, and elements of nature to create his images. He also avoids any sort of post-process photo editing. Sean goes on to explain that he often feels like a mad scientist with his ideas, and that his art provides him with a way to express a love of colour and the notions of order and chaos.  Indeed he finds that many of his works fall broadly into the categories of either chaos or order, but acknowledges there are still many that are an odd mixture of both.  Other than his light paintings, he enjoys photography of flowers, which he links to his passion for colour and he also has an interest in trying out glassblowing.

Sean did have a gallery in Hintonburg for his work for several months, where he also had a studio space. He enjoyed having a place he could lay and keep out his work and overall, it was a positive experience that will surely be beneficial if there were to be a future space. Looking forward, Sean wants to evolve the techniques and methods he has discovered in order to continue creating unique images. He has an interest in glass blowing and he is also into sci-fi movies.